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Liberia Mission is dedicated to providing job skills training for our students. We do this through our piggery micro-business, farm and summer work program. Through each of these, we engage our students in the work of the mission and teach them practical skills about fields like animal husbandry, farming, painting, and maintenance. This provides the tools they needs to find employment after their schooling. Want to support our work program? Become a piggery sponsor!


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The Farm

Our students tend our farm and learn how to grow and care for different crops. The fruits and vegetables grown are used by our cooks to feed our residential students. 

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The Summer Work Program

We have different projects our students help with over the summers like repainting our buildings. These projects give our students hands-on experience in a variety of fields.  

The Piggery

Our piggery is a micro-business where our students learn to raise pigs and sell pork to our community. This also provides added income for our mission's work.