Mario's Reflection

Mario volunteered on Liberia Mission during the summer of 2017. Here is a reflection he wrote upon his return:

"I was just looking over my diary entries from my trip to Liberia Mission last year and some words I wrote tend to repeat. Words like "peace," "love," and "God." This is why I volunteer there. This is why I return.

I'm from a very dry climate (New Mexico), so the un-Godly humidity of Liberia is a shock to me. Seeing big bugs and pests I'm not used to forces me way out of the comfort zone. But it's still worth it because there's something at Liberia Mission I can't get back home: unconditional love.

The kids there are so loving and so appreciative. I feel closer to God there. Prayer seems more real to me.

And there's also a randomness to it that's a blast. On any given morning, I might wake up and hear kids practicing religious songs. Or a rooster crowing. Or a donkey peeking it's head in through my window. This is how the day starts.

Throughout the day, seeing the kids smiling, joining in on their games, playing checkers with them, helping them with homework, or just being a friend all feel worthwhile. Maybe I'm Jesus to them and they're Jesus to me too.

"Whatever you do for the least of my people, that you do unto me." I feel I get to live this passage from the Bible at Liberia Mission.

This is why I go and this is why I return."