I am interested in sponsoring a student, but only want to do so for 1 year. Is that possible?

Yes! When you are filling out the donation form, select “one year” for your pledge duration. You can also sign up by phone (773-809-4008, M-F, 8-4pm Central) and select any duration for your sponsorship that you would like.

How do I cancel my current sponsorship?

Please call 773-809-4008, M-F, 8-4pm Central, or email info@franciscanworks.org to request to close your sponsorship.

What is the difference between residential and community sponsorship?

Our community students live with their families near St. Anthony of Padua School and attend our school during the day. Their sponsorship covers all the costs associate with them attending school so they can remain enrolled. Residential students live either on Liberia Mission grounds or near their high school and their sponsorship coversthe cost of attendance and their living expenses. They often comes from families who live too far from our school that the student cannot live at home or they don’t have and parents or guardians.

Where do students in your program go to school?

Students from KI-9th grade attend St. Anthony of Padua School. This is the school run by Liberia Mission and is on Liberia Mission grounds. Students are both from the community and from our residential program. After graduating 9th grade, our students attend Booker Washington Institute, a vocational high school in Liberia or St. Kizito’s High School, a Catholic high school. When students graduate high school, some choose to apply for university studies and upon acceptance, attend the University of Liberia.

My sponsor student will be graduating soon. What will happen to my sponsorship?

If you student graduates and leaves our program, we will reach out to you and reassign you a new student. Liberian schools are on a different application and graduation schedule, so sometimes this process does not align with the typical U.S. school year. Rest assured that we will keep you updated about your student if their status changes!