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The Piggery Project at Liberia Mission

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By sponsoring the Piggery Project, you are investing in education, research and expansion of a vital program that provides a brighter future for our poor and orphaned youth through skills training and the development of a sustainable micro-business at Liberia Mission.

The Piggery Project is one of the major components of the after-school farm project program - along with the fruits, vegetables, and chickens. The original effort to raise pigs at Liberia Mission began in 2007 with just two pigs and grew to 17 pigs by 2011.  In early 2012, through the guidance and hard-work of Joe Sehnert, the Director at Liberia Mission, there has been renewed interest in developing the farm as a teaching program and advancing the Mission's long-term goal of sustainability.

The Piggery, a micro-business, is important for financial reasons - but, moreover, it is a teaching tool - in essence a classroom for the students. Guiding the students through the business process, learning revenue and expense concepts, understanding accountability, and creating a sustainable operation are project goals. The Piggery needs to grow and expand to bring in enough money to cover costs and turn a profit. But, growth must be maintained at a pace the students can handle.  Today the Piggery at Liberia Mission has over 150 pigs.

The Piggery Team is grateful to all new sponsors for your generous support.  The team and Liberia Mission would like you to know that your investment is taken seriously.  The mentors, teachers, and students are working diligently to succeed. Our learning curve is steep - but our spirits are high as we are just beginning to turn the corner towards making this a viable business venture.

On behalf of the Piggery Team, thank you for your investment in our future.

"We are proud of the team's work and look forward to providing high quality meat at competitive prices while learning the business of agriculture."- Message from the Piggery Project's Team Leaders