Conflict of Interest Policy

Franciscan Works operates within the public trust and is committed to fairness and integrity in the conduct of all its activities.

Members of the Board of Directors must represent unconflicted loyalty to the interest of Franciscan Works.  This accountability supersedes any conflicting loyalties such as that to advocacy or interest groups, business or personal interests, or paid or voluntary services to other organizations. 

Financial transactions between Franciscan Works and members of the Board and their family members who are disqualified persons are prohibited with the exception of the payment of necessary and reasonable staff salary and the reimbursement of legitimate expenses incurred as a result of Mission operations.

Members of the Board are committed to communicate fully with Franciscan Works regarding any relationship or commitment that could affect the impartial fulfillment of their role in the affairs of Franciscan Works.

Members of the Board of Directors annually complete a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire disclosing their relationship with non-profit organizations that have been grantees or that may seek to be a grantee of Franciscan Works.

This policy replaces the previous Conflict of Interest Policy dated 1/17/11.

Adopted by the Franciscan Works Board of Directors:  May 17, 2013.