Empowering the Youth of Liberia
With Faith and Education.

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Our Work

How Franciscan Works Provides Empowerment Through Education

The overriding mission for Franciscan Works is to bring about a life-transforming change in the lives of children at Liberia Mission.

Franciscan Works accomplishes its work in close collaboration with the local population. This method is essential to assure that local people are fully invested in their own development.   As Liberia Mission matures, we hope that those who benefited and graduated from St. Anthony of Padua School will one day return as servant leaders, using their skills to educate the next generation.  Franciscan Works is not just developing individual potential with American charity, but a community institution in which local people have primary responsibility.

Through our experience in working closely with indigenous people over the years, we have established a long-term, three-part development model to accomplish our work. 

  • We focus on educating the whole person within the context of Catholic values so that individual skills will be used for the benefit of family and community.
  • We promote full participation and ownership of local people by endowing them with primary responsibilities in operating mission schools and residential programs.
  • We stress the importance of self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship through revenue generating agricultural projects that sustain current operations and provide a firm foundation for the future.  

In this way, we bring hope and prosperity to people living in the poorest countries in the world.