There are over 500 students enrolled through Liberia Mission for the 2016-2017 academic year in grades K-12.  There are 57 students (beneficiaries) who reside at the mission.  Most of them attend St. Anthony School, although 59 older students now attend nearby senior high school and university. Although most children come from nearby villages, children in the residential program originate from a widely dispersed geography around the country.  Altogether, several different tribal groups are represented in the school population.  What all the children have in common is that each one has been scarred by the continuing effects of the devastating decade-long civil war, all have lived through the siege of Ebola from 2014-2015, and all come from deep poverty.

Meet Our Residential Students

Liberia Mission supports the livelihood of over 100 students, sponsored by our generous partners who are invested in making a difference in the lives of Liberian youth. We invite you to meet some of our beneficiaries below and consider becoming a sponsor with us as well!

Ruth Denari.jpg

Meet ruth

Ruth arrived on the Mission in March of 2015 to join her half-sister, Salome, who arrived the week before. The girls have the same mother who gave birth to them as a teenager, but has been unable to support them, leaving them with their grandmother. Ruth's father was a teenager also and could not take on the responsibility of caring for her. Ruth is one of  our youngest beneficiaries. She is a gentle, very loving child who greets everyone with a hug!

Emmanuel Denari.jpg

Meet Emmanuel

Emmanuel came to the mission on September 5, 2015, from Pipeline where he lived with his parents and four other siblings. Emmanuel is the third child. His mother sells crushed rocks and his father does masonry. Emmanuel's best subject is English and he hopes to someday be an electrical engineer. He loves reading and his favorite dish is beans with rice.

Princess Jackson x4.jpg

Meet Princess

Princess was born on January 15, 2007 in Monrovia. Her family is from Southern Liberia. Princess was brought to the mission by her grandmother, Ma Komah. Ma is an elderly woman who cannot walk without support and is unable to provide for Princess in her old age. She has been Princess's main caregiver since birth. Princess' mother passed away in 2013. Princess started first grade in 2012 and is a very sharp young lady. She loves to play with friends, and she enjoys studying and working in large groups. She gets along well with everyone and brings much joy to the group! 

Prince Denari.jpg

Meet prince

Prince came to the mission on September 5, 2015, from Bopolu, Gborpulo County, where he lived with his mother and little brother. His mother, Kpannah, sells soap in a local market, and his father died when Prince was only 7 years old. Prince's best subject is spelling and he hopes to one day be a teacher. He loves playing football and his favorite dish is macaroni salad.