Boarding Program

Our Lenten Retreat

On Saturday, March 30, we had a Lenten retreat and day of fun at the beach. We took all of our residential students, along with some of our high schoolers, house parents, and missionaries, to the Assunta House. This house belongs to some of our community friends from another Franciscan missionary order. They were so kind to let us use their compound for our retreat.


We left early in the morning for the retreat. We we arrived at Assunta House, we joined together for morning prayers. Our theme for the retreat was, “God Speaks in the Silence of the Heart” because sometimes our lives are so noisy that we miss the opportunity to hear from God. We listened to missionaries share on the importance of silence based on their own personal experiences.


Our main activity for the retreat was forty-five minutes of silence. Everyone found personal space on the property where they prayed and reflected on questions we were each given. When we joined back together, we shared our answers and were overwhelmed by the beauty and positivity in the responses shared. God filled us with peace and joy as we spent time with Him.

Lenten Receipt.png

After our closing prayer, we ate delicious plates of jollof rice and fried chicken. Then it was off to the beach! Everybody changed into beach clothes and we gathered on the shore for a walking rosary. When the rosary was finished, everybody enjoyed the beach and ice cream. We played soccer on the sand and swam in the ocean for hours.


When we were all tired from a wonderful day, we decided to head back to the mission. We thanked the employees who worked extra hours at the Assunta House so we could have an amazing experience. It was such a rejuvenating day full of prayer, good food, and fun.

This Lent, we thank God for His goodness and His voice that speaks to us in the silence of our hearts!