St. Anthony's First Honors Program Ceremony

First Ever Honors Program Ceremony

Earlier this month, St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School hosted its first ever Honors Program Ceremony in St. Michael the Archangel Chapel. The ceremony celebrated students whose grade average was 85 or above for the first semester. Additionally, high honors and special recognitions were given to those students with a grade average of 91 or above. The atmosphere in the chapel was electric, and we were also excited to see such a big turnout of parents, who occupied over half of the chapel!


Recognizing Hard Work

At the beginning of the program, the school administration informed all in attendance that good grades would not go unnoticed at St. Anthony’s. At the end of the school year, anyone having a 91 or above cumulative average for the year 2018/2019 would receive a full tuition scholarship for the following academic year! Anyone having between 85-91 would receive a half-tuition scholarship. Also, any 9th grader having a 91 or above for the year would receive a full tuition scholarship to the Booker Washington Institute (Liberia’s premiere vocational high school, where most of our sponsored high school students go).


Talent Presentations

Before certificates were handed out, a number of honorees showcased their knowledge and skills with poem recitations, song solos, and various speeches that highlighted different aspects of the education they have received at St. Anthony’s. All in attendance—especially the parents—were visibly impressed as the students displayed their gift for learning.  


Certificate Ceremony

Finally, it was time to recognize the honors students. Proud parents rushed to embrace their children as they received their certificates. Many pictures were taken and many tears of joy were shed. We are grateful to God for the spirit of joy shared during the ceremony and all the hard work our students put in to get good grades!