Our Graduating Class

We are so proud of our 2018 graduates! On July 8th, our 9th grade class at St. Anthony of Padua School will celebrate their graduation. We want to share about some of their stories here with you! You can scroll down and watch each student's video to get to know them. To send a celebratory gift, please visit this page

Meet Our Graduates

Charles came to the mission in 2012 as an orphan from HIV/ AIDS from Mother Teresa’s sisters (a HIV/AIDS mission near us). He has been an awesome student, coming as first in his class every year. Charles is quiet with a nice personality and always the hard worker. What he learned on the mission was a love and care for animals and self discipline.

Genevia came to the mission three years ago through Liberia Mission's director at the time.  Genevia has learned a lot while on the mission including how to care for a garden and how to schedule her time.

Olena has been with us on the mission for ten years. She is such a hard worker and we have been lucky to have her help us with our mission projects! She is also an all star kickball player. Olena shared that throughout her time on the mission, she has learned how to interact with people, how to work hard and how to be on time.

Precious also came to the mission ten years ago. She is a confident, intelligent hard working young woman. She has consistently display confidence and leadership, serving as an assistant house mother and role model for younger students. Reflecting back on her time, she shared that the mission has taught her how to manage her time so she can complete all her homework and chores on time.

Roberta is another student who joined us ten years ago. Throughout her time on the mission, she shared that she has learned how to respect others, set goals, and make good decisions.