A Summer Update from the Mission

Our Summer Work program is coming to a close.


The roofs of the school, church, boy’s dorm and girl’s dorm have been replaced. The school is freshly painted inside and out. Our students were paid an hourly wage, learned carpentry, masonry, roofing, painting, and project management. The Summer Work Program is a double win: the mission’s infrastructure is maintained while the students learn skills that will serve them the rest of their lives. Thank you for helping us fund this effort.

Liberia Mission Staff Updates

Brittany Skolnick has returned to America. She has been a volunteer at the mission for the past year working as our Finance Officer. Brittany has done a great job and we are very grateful for her selfless service to the poorest of the poor. Thank you Brittany!!

Kristen and Lucas Caudle

Kristen and Lucas Caudle

Kristen Caudle has accepted the offer to replace Brittany as our Finance Officer. Kristen brings with her tremendous knowledge in managing non-profits. We are very grateful to have her managing the finances of the Mission. 



Back to School Updates

Booker T. Washington Institute (BWI)


Four years ago we began sending our high school students to BWI. During our first year, 3 students from the mission were enrolled. BWI’s program is a 4 year program. Incoming students have graduated from 9th grade and have passed the WAEC (West Africa Education Council) aptitude test. The program is intensive with students covering the same academic curriculum as the other secondary schools plus the trade curriculum. All the other secondary schools in the country are 3 year programs (grade 10,11,12). BWI includes a 4th year, which includes academic study and a 4 month internship program.

Our first 2 students to finish the BWI program will graduate soon. Paul and George have spent the last 4 years learning their trades. Congratulations to them!

Currently, registration for our BWI students is occurring. We have 10 new freshmen entering BWI from our mission program. This will bring the number of mission students at BWI to 50!

The Motto of Liberia Mission Painting In A Classroom: "God, Education, Work"

The Motto of Liberia Mission Painting In A Classroom: "God, Education, Work"

St. Anthony of Padua Catholic School

Registration at our school is in full swing. Our school provides quality Catholic education for the poorest of the poor. We offer 150 scholarships and the balance of the students’ pay 40% of their total tuition cost. Your contributions subsidize the schools operation. Last year we had over 450 students. The class sizes average at 41. We are trying to bring class size down, but that means we either need to increase tuition (which will put quality education out of the reach of the poor) or find Community Student Sponsors. To learn more about the community sponsorship program, visit this page. Please share with anyone you know who may be interested in becoming a community sponsor!