Working for the Future

The reason a lot of people do not recognize opportunity is because it usually goes around wearing overalls looking like hard work.

-Thomas A. Edison

At Liberia Mission, our desire is to equip students with the skills necessary to thrive in their community after they complete their studies. This means not only do we invest in their education, but we value their spiritual formation and ability to find a job. Within the job market of Liberia, technical skills are of the utmost importance. With such skill, their is opportunity to find employment and support a sustainable lifestyle. This means that creating opportunity for our students to learn technical skills is key to their future success.

To meet this need, several ongoing work programs were created. Some programs run throughout the school year while others, like the Summer Work Program, take place during one season and focus heavily on specific projects.

The Summer Work Program has threefold benefit. First, it offers students a way to earn money. This creates opportunity to learn about budgeting, allows them to reinvest in the surrounding community and allows them to save money for the upcoming school year. Second, the program trains students through hands-on experience which is of inextricable importance for their ability to find work later. Students complete capital projects such as roofing and building projects as well as smaller maintenance jobs like painting and tiling. This varied exposure to different projects increases their skills set, therefore increasing their opportunity. The third benefit of this program is the way it gives back to Liberia Mission. The community is strengthened as they work together to invest in the home that shelters their friends and neighbors, the church that welcomes in the community, and the piggery that offers sustainable ways to create income and feed the town.

Overall, by offering student income and job training and by strengthening the community, this program is key to fulfilling the goals of Liberia Mission. We invite you to support this program as we begin to work on this year’s Summer Work Program’s capital project: roofing. Corrugated zinc roofs will be installed to replace the current roofs which are beginning to wear. The students are eager to begin this project and we are excited to see it progress.

For this program to succeed, we need support! We invite you to consider donating to this project. You will not only be providing funds to install new roofs at Liberia Mission, but you are giving students the opportunity to gain the technical skills necessary for long-term success.