School is Back!

St. Anthony de Padua opened its doors last week to 448 students. Our enrollment continues to grow as the community hears of St. Anthony de Padua and more students come to our gates!

To get a feel of how the first week went, enjoy these updates from Alpha Roland, the Associate Director of Liberia Mission.

  • The Students:
    • The kids starting arriving on Sunday and by Wednesday, all the kids were on the Mission. This year we will have 56 residential students on the Mission and 448 students at St. Anthony de Padua School.
  • New Employees:
    • Rose-Maria Uthman is the new registered nurse.
    • Matadi will serve as the activities coordinator.
    • Music will be the new cook.
    • Nupuwo will serve as a piggery manager.
    • Eid was made a new house father even though he still coordinates the work program.
  • The Farm:
    •  The District Representative visited the piggery and she was impressed. She asked to revisit along with her Agriculture Team.
  • New Interns:
    • There are 8 Booker Washington Interns. They are serving in the following departments: 1 as a secretary, 1 in electronics, 1 in carpentry, and 5 in agriculture and after school programs.
  • Rules and Regulations:
    • The handbook was read and the code of conduct was signed. The PPB trainings were held for both staff and students. Everyone signed the document of compliance.
  • Back to Mass:
    • Father had the Holy Spirit Mass on Friday and also went around to inspect the school and the Mission.
  • 2016 School Activities:
    • We will have debate competitions and spelling bees that will be starting on Monday.

This August, we also saw the enrollment of 41 students into senior high school at Booker Washington Institute, including 7 new students who graduated from St. Anthony in July. These students join approximately 1,800 classmates on the campus, located east of Monrovia. As a secondary education institute in a developing country, BWI offers students courses of study that will give them opportunities to be involved in building their country’s economy as it recovers and grows in this post-war era. Our students follow several vocational tracks, and most popular among them are the Architecture, Business, Agriculture tracks.

Join us as we pray for all our students to be refreshed after their break, and return to their studies with a ready-to-learn mindset as they embark on this new year.