Remembering Mary Ann

One year ago, Mary Ann O’Driscoll, our 24 year old director, was killed in a hit and run car accident. We remember her with both sadness and honor for the incredible woman she was.

Mary Ann O’Driscoll was a bold leader at Liberia Mission and quite possibly a saint in our midst.  Her laughter alone could lift any low spirit, but it was her humble heart and strength of soul that swiftly led others to Christ.  As veteran volunteer and Director at Liberia Mission, Mary Ann left a permanent mark far extends this newsletter. Listed below are just a few of her most memorable accomplishments.

Souldiers for Christ. Mary Ann began Liberia Mission’s first-ever outreach ministry program.  She called it Soul-diers for Christ because the group focused on working through the strength of their souls to serve God and neighbor.  Approximately 25 students in grades 5-9 still participate in Souldiers.  They completed between 500-1,000 service hours in 2014 and set a new goal to reach 2,000 hours in 2015.  Community service projects include but are not limited to: serving the poor, caring for the sick, singing hymns to the elderly, cleaning yards, and reading Christ’s word to the homebound and illiterate.

The Piggery.  Mary Ann was instrumental in advancing the Mission’s Piggery into a micro-business.  She would market the piggery throughout the community to businesses and expat organizations letting them know that piggery met American standards for sanitation.  Whenever she went out, the piggery noticeably increased its sales.  She was also very hands-on in the piggery – butchering, preparing, and delivering the meat.

Development.  Mary Ann was great at forming relationships and saving costs for the Mission.  She acquired donations and services from a number of places, including Firestone of Liberia, who agreed to donate free rice monthly.  Mary Ann was also able to get a new well from a Canadian NGO for less than half the asking price, from 10k to 3k.

Sister School.  Mary Ann headed our new international sister school project between St. Anthony of Padua and St. Jane Frances de Chantal of Easton, Pennsylvania.  She was able to get 70 student volunteers to participate and contribute the following: pen pal introductory letters, a-day-in-the-life photos with captions, and drawings of items particular to Liberia.

Mary Ann was also essential in the development of the Mission’s new Afternoon Program.  Above all, Mary Ann’s most lasting impact was the faith she instilled in our students.  At her very core was a desire to love purely and serve devotedly, and she did both with a blazing Joy.