A Story of Healing

One of our students at the mission, Famata Cephas, has lived with a physical disability in her left leg for many years causing her leg to bend and for her to endure much pain. In September, through the support of a friend of the mission, Famata was able to travel to Germany to seek treatment in her leg. During the week after Famata’s arrival, the examinations of her leg started. While waiting for surgery, Famata took walks, visited the adventure playground and made multiple visits to the local youth center where she created some beautiful artwork.

Famata then had orthopedic surgery on December 1. She had a 9-day stay in the hospital and then return to her host home, where she could not put any weight on her leg for about 4 weeks. Famata will remain in Germany to rest and recover through January, and will then return to her family and the mission at the end of the month. We are deeply grateful she had to opportunity to receive the surgery she needed to help her leg heal. What a blessing.