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With Faith and Education.

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Prayers and Reflections 

"The cry of the poor may not leave us indifferent...and the fragility of children may move us [and that everyone] may always love and venerate every human life"

--- Pope Francis

"To be missionaries, is to tend, like the Good Samaritan, to the needs of all, particularly those of the poor and the needy, because he who loves with the heart of Christ, searches not for his own interest but only for the glory of God and the good of his neighbor."

---Pope Benedict XVI

Give us, O God, a bold vision and daring charity that the eternal message of your Son may be acclaimed as the good news of the age.

Most High, glorious God, enlighten us and dispel the darkness of our souls.  Give us strong faith, firm hope and perfect charity.  Help us to know you well enough, O Lord, that we may act in all things according to your light and in keeping with your holy will.

---St. Francis of Assisi


Circle of Prayer

Everyone can join us in prayer, whether or not they have the resources to support us with money.  Join our circle of prayer for the following needs of Franciscan Works + Liberia Mission:

Good health for the students of St. Anthony School in Liberia

Blessings for Franciscan Works supporters

Healing for those in our Mission family who are suffering in mind, body or spirit

A peaceful future for Liberia

A peaceful future for Honduras

Blessings for those serving in the Missions

Missioners to answer the call to serve

Do you have a special pray request that you would like our Franciscan Works family to remember?  Email us your prayer request and it will be remembered by our spiritual advisor, Fr. Don Halpin, OFMConv., and our staff and children of Liberia Mission.