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Through powerful song and unforgettable images, this special video is a 5-min. glimpse into life in Liberia and the lives of our mission children.

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Congratulations, Joe Sehnert!


On Sunday, April 30, 2013, Franciscan Works awarded the "St. Francis of AssisiAward" to Joe Sehnert.  The St. Francis of Assisi Award is given in gratitude for an individual's tireless efforts on behalf of Franciscan Works - Liberia Mission and their witness to God's love and Gospel values.

Joe Sehnert is the Mission Director at Liberia Mission Inc. in Liberia, West Africa.   Joe has held this position since November, 2011.   In the short time Joe has been at the Mission, he has significantly improved the lives of Liberia Mission beneficiaries.  Joe has instituted an aggressive reading curriculum to raise reading scores by 5 percent.  Joe Sehnert's night-tutoring program has the goal of boosting all Mission student grades 5% overall by June, 2013.  Joe has also expanded the agricultural operations as a vocational teaching tool to the students, to provide the Mission with a sustainable food source, and an additional source of revenue.  He has added workshop classes or home economics to the students' education to ensure that our students graduate with academic and technical skills.  Joe has also strengthened the relationship between Liberia Mission and Liberia's leading technical school to help ensure that our beneficiaries have employment opportunities upon graduating from high school.


Past Recipient:  Jennie Martin!


The first-ever St. Francis of Assisi Award was presented to Jennie Martin in gratitude for her tireless work on behalf of the people of Honduras and Liberia over the past ten years.  Her efforts have been a force of love that built our mission efforts up into something that has changed the lives of countless people in the U.S., Honduras, and Liberia, and resulted in over $500,000 being donated to orphans and children living in poverty in develping countries.   

Last year's award was presented to Jennie...

With our gratitude for embodying
the virtues of St. Francis
through the pouring out of your life and love
with unbridled compassion, generosity, and integrity
in service to the poor.

You have done that which Christ made yours to do.
May Christ use your example to teach each
of us that which is ours to do.

Congratulations, Joe and Jennie, and thank you!