Empowering the Youth of Liberia
With Faith and Education.

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About Us

Franciscan Works


Franciscan Works is a non-profit tax-exempt organization dedicated to empowering children living in poverty in developing countries through education that is rooted in Catholic values and the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi.

Our current focus is Liberia in West Africa where approximately 40% of its 3.8 million citizens are functionally illiterate.  This is a place where Franciscan Works can have its greatest impact.  

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 We began Liberia Mission in 2003.  Liberia Mission consists of a secure ten-acre campus and an adjoining 15 acre farm property that houses St. Anthony of Padua School, St. Michael the Archangel Chapel, separate residence buildings for boys, girls and accommodations for program managers and American volunteers.




Based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and compassion of St. Francis of Assisi, Franciscan Works strives to break the cycle of poverty and promote understanding and peace through an embrace of the poorest of the poor, in a ministry of love, as an effort to build bridges across our global community. This is accomplished through works that are faith-centered and study-centered, in a labor that is respectful of creation and calls forth the talent and dignity of every human person.

We believe that the lack of education is a root cause of many social and economic problems in developing countries.  The shallow pool of human capital, knowledge, technical skills and abilities compromises the potential for development. We utilize a long-term three-part development model to address this.   

  • We focus on educating the whole person through a strong Catholic values approach so that education will be used for the benefit of family and community.
  • We promote full participation and ownership by local people by endowing them with primary responsibilities in operating mission schools and residential programs.
  • We stress the importance of self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship through revenue generating agricultural projects. 

Franciscan Works strives to be a source of hope for people living in poverty.

We will partner with organizations around the world that share our mission: to empower the youth of Liberia through faith and education. 


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