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Thank you for your prayers and support. I am thankful for your help because without you I would not be receiving food or education on Liberia Mission. Please pray for me and for my friends and family. I will pray for you!
— Famata, St. Anthony of Padua Student


Thank you for partnering with the children of Liberia Mission during 2017 through your generous support and prayers. We could not have done it without you! 

Here are a few highlights from our program over the past year:

Our St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Elementary and Junior High School increased enrollment by 6 percent, bringing our total number of students to 455 this year! Additionally, we had 45 students enrolled in high school and 10 at the university level. These students were only able to attend because of your financial support.


Tuition Assistance We Provided During 2017:

  • 75 Students received a 100% tuition scholarship
  • 50 students received a 75% tuition scholarship
  • 330 students received a 50% tuition scholarship
  • 100% of students received tuition assistance


90 students were fully sponsored with education, healthcare, room and board. This assistance was provided to:

  • 35 Students in our residential program at Liberia Mission
  • 45 Students at Booker Washington Institute (a vocational high school)
  • 10 university students 



Testing Results:

We are proud to announce that 100% of our students passed the West African Education Council Examination!



Volunteer Hours Completed:

Students volunteered over 3000 hours in our community this year!





During 2017, our micro-business team also increased marketing and sales of pork from our piggery, bringing in additional revenue for our program each month.